Who is Marc?

My name is Marc Magnee. I am a writer and tutor living in Hong Kong.

My wife and I enjoy life out in the New Territories, away from the madness of the city. We are presently petless.

What will you make of my little stories and ideas? Will you like them? Will you find them intriguing or deep or naive or something else? I can’t control what may come, in that way it’s like life I suppose and that is a very good thing.

I think my life should be full of surprises like walking through a forest never seen before, like dipping into water on a warm day. Will it be warm from the sun or will I be shocked by its coldness? This is the thrill of living. And it is why I write.

When I write the journey begins with an idea, as fine as a hair. It takes me into a strange place with a map, unmarked. What is behind the next tree? Will my characters do well in this new place or will they find difficulties? If I don’t know what is coming as I go then you ,who is reading it, won’t either. Isn’t that wonderful?

Please forgive any missteps I may take. I promise to learn smoothly so there are no holes for you to fall into along the way.

I cannot say the same for my stories. Holes and exposed tree roots and deep, leaf-covered ponds may be just around the next corner. I will try to bring you mystery and beauty and a sense of the world here and about.

Writing is a dream from which I hope never to wake.

If you wish you can contact me anytime using the link right up there on the menu.

For the creative commons images used in the main page of this website, many thanks to:
Top banner's source image - flickr/studioapril.1982
Page background image - flickr/Alan  Alldredge

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