so what are micro stories?

These sorts of stories are also called ‘flash fiction’ by many people.

While I work on a project I like to take a rest sometimes by writing something quick, maybe for an hour or two and often less than that, as a sort of relaxing thing to do. Relax from writing by writing? I know believe me, I know.

The thing with flash fiction is that it’s meant to be fun and fast. It’s not writing you revise much, or at all really. At least that’s what it is to me.

These are unpolished, unedited, bits of fun, or serious fun at times if I’m completely honest.

Some of these pieces, snippets, what have you, are ideas that may become something more, or maybe they won’t, or they can be standalone pieces.

One thing they are not, mostly, is full stories. They are pieces of what may be. Please don’t expect them to be complete, not here at least. Don’t worry, if they become more I’ll let you know.

For fun at least it may give you some insight into the brain of one who writes.

Please enjoy these mind exercises for what they are.


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